Tonle Bati Resort | Ta Promh Temple and Yeay Peov Temple(30)

Tonle Bati is a popular lake and picnic area that has bamboo shacks built out over the water that people can rent out for eating and whiling away the day. It’s generally a weekend get-away spot, which means it?s nice and quiet during the week. Locals swim there, but the water does not look real inviting. There are all kinds of food and drink stands that sell everything you need for a picnic along the lake. Note that there are tours that follow you when you arrive on weekends and try to get you to go to their own place. It?s best to pass right by them and find a spot on your own. Check prices beforehand on everything ? they are famous for handing you an outrageously high bill when you depart.Tonle Bati is a place of worship and features two ancient temples, Ta Promh and Yeay Peov, and a pagoda, Wat Tonle Bati, which was built in 1576.source :

The price to go and back only 30usd.
Tour including Big bottle of water, guide, transport.

Built by King Jayavarman VII in the 13th century, Ta Prohm temple serves both Brahmanism and Buddhism. Just a few hundred feet away is another, smaller temple, Yiey Pov. Legend has it that these were built for the King’s son, and his son’s mother on the site of a 6th century Khmer shrine.
The temple is relatively small, and easy to quickly walk through. Although this temple is near the edge of the Tonle Bati lake, like pretty much every other temple in Cambodia, you have that feeling of a temple hidden inside the jungle, waiting to be found.

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