Phnom Penh Discovery tours half day & full day(24)

See the famous sights of Phnom Penh as well as some of the hidden spots. See the culture and learn about the history on this Phnom Penh day tour.

For half day tour Early morning tour – 8: 00am-12: 00pm | Afternoon head to – 12: 30pm-4: 30pm

If you’re looking to see not solely the highlights of Cambodian capital however the key spots too – this can be the journey for you. Start out learning concerning French influence on Kingdom of Cambodia whereas sipping on tea in front of the gorgeous Post workplace. Enjoy around the corner on our Tuk tuk going to Wat Phnom and seeing however this town got its name. After a fast glimpse of the summit temple, zoom through the bustling traffic & notice yourself obtaining off the crushed path at consecutive stop.

Here, you’ll get to visit a singular area that has had some recent turmoil, influencing young local artists to manufacture superb street art.  Following the street-art scene will be a drive to a neighborhood market wherever you’ll be able to see overflowing baskets of known Kampot pepper, fresh manufacture, and even get the opportunity for one or two of native snacks. After exploring the native market, a quick however intriguing stop at the Independence Monument & King sculpture can provide you with insight to “The nice Hero King, The Father of Khmer Independence”. Riding your way on the back of a genus Tuk Tuk, the next stops are going to be the famous Royal Palace and exquisite riverside. Your guide will justify concerning this stop from the front garden (perfect for a exposure op!). This Phnom Penh city tour can end at a lesser celebrated Buddhist temple, where you’ll get the special chance to receive a blessing in a tiny shrine.

*Phnom Penh Day Tour Highlights* – Driving around the city, Phnom Penh Post Office, Wat Phnom, Chinese temple, street art area, Royal Palace, local market, Independence Monument, King Statue, Buddhist pagoda & blessing.

The price for half day tour only 15usd and for full day only 24usd.
Tour including Big bottle of water, guide, transport.

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